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Magnetic Rope Testing
Non-destructive Test for Wire Ropes

Managing Ropes Life Cycle and Guaranteeing Safety

Exclusive Distributor for AMC Instruments


Magnetic Rope Testing uses a 60 years old methodology which is safe, repeatable and non-destructive. When broken wires or defect occurs, a modification of magnetic flux lines appears. This change, in value and direction, is detected by sensors that transform the physical phenomena in a readable signal.
A quick to perform test that is not affected by grease. Two tests can be performed on the same rope over a period of time to understand the damage evolution providing a predictive analysis. Defects which are often impossible to detect thru visual inspection can be detected thru Magnetic Rope Testing

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Objective, safe and repeatable

From 2012 to 2019, AMC analysed more than 50,000 rope plant elevators and 10,000 belts/coated ropes plant elevators in Europe and Asia.

Results show that little attention is paid to suspension elements' safety. In fact, it was discovered that 18% of plants needed to change ropes and 16.5% needed to change belts/coated ropes.

A 2 min inspection allows the maintainer to be aware of the internal status of the suspension elements. The Rope Status Certificate will tell objectively to elevator's owner if he needs to change the suspension elements.

This will provide a safer elevator and loss of time and money can be prevented.

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Our Services

Are you interested in managing your rope life cycle?

Magnetic Rope Testing Pte Ltd  - AMC Instruments Exclusive Distributor for Singapore & Malaysia

We provide Inspection Services, Sales & Rental and Training



At Magnetic Rope Testing Pte Ltd, we provide inspection service for Steel Cables and steel in elevators. Our specialized staff is trained and certified to conduct non-destructive testing using AMC Magneto-Inductive Analysis.
Please contact us for a quote.

Sales & Rental

Magnetic Rope Testing Pte Ltd also offers sales and rental services of AMC Testing Equipments to meet the needs of all clients, even those who need different equipment for short periods.
Please contact us for more technical and commercial information.


Our specialized staff will conduct related training for equipment which are purchased or rented for us. Depending on the type of equipment, training schedule and location will vary.
Our specialized staff will advise accordingly.

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The LIFT LC is developed for the elevator industry to allow the analysis of systems up to 6 rope with diameter of up to 13mm. The distance between the ropes is managed through guidance systems. Paired with the DLH acquisition unit, it stores the signal for subsequent analysis.
The instrument allows simple, rapid and effective non-destructive testing of all ropes simultaneously, highlighting external or internal broken wires, wear and corrosion.

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MRT - How Does It Work?

MRT - The Importance of Interpretation

AMC Rope Guardian for Heavy Lifting Industry

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Together with Magnetic Rope Testing, we are able to provide our clients with an accurate and safe inspection for elevator steel ropes and belts using their NDT Magneto Inductive Analysis. Thus providing our clients with peace of mind, time and cost saving.

Rayma Asia Pte Ltd

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Singapore Office:

Magnetic Rope Testing Pte Ltd

10, Jalan Besar, #11-05, Sim Lim Tower, Singapore 208787


Malaysia Office:

Magnetic Rope Testing Sdn Bhd

36 Taman Segar Perdana, Batu 9, Cheras

43200, Selangor, Malaysia


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